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Vancouver Tree Services

Arborgreen tree is a locally owned commercial arboriculture company. Vancouver Tree services Residential & commercial customers. Tree removal, land clearing services and all other tree services. Knowleagble arborists with large commercial tree clearing equipment.

Small residential or large commerical tree projects done with care.

  • Tree Removal

We use advanced tree climbing and rigging techniques to ensure the safety of our clients and their property.


In some cases the Zip Track process is used to safely remove branches form a tree without damaging the clients property.

Hazardous Tree Evaluation & Removal:

The first step in any hazardous tree removal is to assess the level of potential harm that the tree could cause if it falls. First we assign a value of 1-10 for the trees failure potential and then we assign a value corresponding to the “target” or what the tree may hit if it falls. By analyzing these values we can then advise whether or not the tree needs to be removed. Arborgreen tree has the latest in arborist equipment and technical skills to accomplish any sized tree removal.

Trees Near Power Lines:

Removing a tree near a power line is extremely dangerous and needs to be handled by a competent professional. We are highly experienced in this area and can help you with any hazardous tree situation. Put your mind at ease knowing that our highly skilled arborists have the experience and expertise to remove any hazardous trees that may be causing problems.

Stump Removal:

After the tree has been removed, we are also able to completely remove the stump with a process called “stump grinding.” This process allows us to essentially “grind” the stump to below ground level, allowing new sod, soil or cement to be placed on top. Commercial land clearing is also available if multiple trees are to be removed.
We offer FREE WOOD CHIPS and FIREWOOD with all our tree removal services.

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