Vancouver Water Pipe Replacement

Galaxy Plumbing offers a complete one-stop repiping solution for condos & commercial properties. Offering one of the best repiping in Vancouver services, our team has the right combination of training, tools and experience to exceed your expectations. We have worked on all kinds buildings & condos in Vancouver B.C. and your will be amazed with our condominium repipe job.

  • Available for both small and multi-unit repiping projects
  • Detailed Scheduling
  • Q&A with Residents
  • Low interruption & Cleanup Everyday
  • Complete Drywall Removal, Patching, Paint & Tile Repair
  • And we get all the necessary permits

The Most Affordable & Effective Condominium Copper Repipe in Vancouver

As experts in condo plumbing retrofit, we work quickly, efficiently and professionally so you get the best value for your money. We work with the latest equipment and use high-quality pipes. You can call us regardless of how big or small the condominium repipe job is. We are fully licensed and fully bonded and have extensive experience in copper pipe replacement and PEX A Pipe repipe.

Copper Repipe with Uponor Wirsbo PEX A Pipe Retrofit

Uponor Wirsbo PEX A Pipe Retrofit is the leading industry choice for condominium repiping. With a longer life span than copper or polybutylene piping that can fail and crack, PEX A Pipe is a low cost option for retrofits.

  • 40% Cheaper than Copper Pipe
  • Immune to corrosion and mineral build-up
  • 25-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Can also be used with steel, copper and PVC piping
  • PEX Tubing has fewer fittings – faster to install and with less of a chance to leak
  • More burst-resistant due to its flexibility to expand and contract
  • Heat retention in hot-water lines
  • Anti-condensation in cold-water-lines