Copper Water Pipe Replacement in Vancouver

Home, Condominium & Commercial Building plumbing systems are often prone to corrosion over time. These corroded pipes may fail, affecting the water distribution system and becoming a safety hazard. Copper pipes constantly carry water with dissolved minerals and impurities which may undergo reactions and corrode. Pin hole leaks begin to appear that can result in costly water damage to the building and property. In this case, repiping is the only alternative to restore the efficiency of plumbing systems. Our Vancouver repiping technicians are experts in plumbing retrofits for residential and commercial buildings.

You can evaluate the need to repipe with the help of number of relevant signs, including:

  • Appearance of blue or green residue in water, indicating damaged copper pipes
  • Appearance of rust coloured water in the sinks or showers, indicating corroded pipes
  • Unpleasant odours
  • Low water pressure and leakage from any part of the plumbing system

Residential Repiping

Due to the acidic soft water in Vancouver and the area, copper pipes that were installed 20, 30, 40+ years ago will corrode over time. We are now starting to see signs of failure in the copper pipes. Common repipe services in Vancouver include:

  • House Repiping Vancouver
  • Condominium  Water Pipe Replacement Vancouver

Commercial Repiping

Galaxy proudly provides first-rate services for water pipe replacement in Vancouver. Our experience and methodology translate into the much-needed effective and cost-effective repiping solutions for commercial clients.

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Certified & Bonded
  • Most Reliable Repipe in Vancouver
  • Workmanship Warranty

Call us at 604-742-5299 for expert repiping in Vancouver24/7 emergency response.

Well-Managed Team of Super Plumbers

One of the reasons why we are able to please every client with our repipe services is our superb management. We focus on quality as much as we do on meeting deadlines. Fully bonded and insured, Galaxy Plumbing translates all its plumbing expertise, experience and modern methodologies into your hassle-free solution. Our Super Plumbers:

  • Are professional and friendly
  • Maintain and leave a clean worksite
  • Work with an advanced level of organization

Moreover, we:

  • Complete all requests for information
  • Provide maintenance schedule
  • Deliver complete & accurate documentation

PEX A Repipe Vancouver

As corrosion eats away at pipes from the inside after water recirculation, partial or complete water pipe replacement is required. An expert in plumbing retrofit in Vancouver, Galaxy Plumbing has the tools and training for copper pipe replacement and PEX A Pipe repipe.