Radiant Floor Heating Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Galaxy Plumbing and Heating offers a one-stop radiant floor heating solution. Also called under floor heating, this central heating system needs to be setup and cared for properly for minimum hassle and maximum comfort. That’s what we deliver.

  • Radiant floor heating installation for new home construction or remodeling.
  • Fully Engineered Systems Installed by Professionals
  • Complete Preventative Maintenance
  • Reliable Repairs

Customized Radiant Floor Heating Installation

We offer a fully-customized radiant floor heating installation, perfect for new home construction and remodeling. As smart under floor heating contractors we work closely with you to figure out the number of heating zones, the best type of tubing and spacing depending on floor finish.

We also choose the best type of boiler system and control systems (thermostat – digital, programmable, wireless/integrated systems etc.) This is the mark of the best under floor heating contractors and you’ll see it.

  • Fully engineered systems installed by professionals
  • The whole radiant floor heating system is designed for you
  • We use high quality Uponor Wirsbo PEX A Tubing which comes with a 25 year warranty

Under Floor Heating Preventive Maintenance

Once your under floor heating system is up and running, it needs preventive maintenance for optimal functioning, maximum life, and minimum repairs & troubles. Offering the best radiant floor heating in Vancouver, we provide full preventive maintenance that includes:

  • Radiant Floor System Flushing
  • Annual Flushing
  • Corrosion Chemical Inhibitors
  • Recommended every 2 years

Vancouver Radiant Floor Heating Repairs

Our emergency response team is always standing by for swift and efficient repairs. Galaxy Plumbing and Heating’s responsive and friendly technicians are just call away. Call us at 604-742-5299 for hydronic heating repairs. Our reliable repairs include:

  • Line Breaks
  • Zone Valve Motor Replacement
  • Circulating Pump Repair Leaks and replacement

Helping you Enjoy the Benefits of Radiant Under Floor Heating in Vancouver

Our first-rate radiant floor heating installation, repair and maintenance helps you enjoy the benefits of radiant floor heating. These benefits include:

  • Even heat distribution throughout the house for maximum comfort
  • No dust or allergens circulating around the house
  • Warmer floors
  • Fuel savings
  • Energy efficiency