Vancouver Drainage Contractor

As a drainage contractor with over 20 years of experience we know what kind of nuisance sewer and drainage problems cause. Since you’re reading this, you don’t have to bear any such problems for long. Our Super Plumbers are standing by; call us now at 604-742-5299.

  • Sewer and Drainage Installation, Repair, And Cleaning
  • State-of-the-art Tools to tackle Any Drainage Issue
  • Powerful Drain Inspection Camera
  • High Pressure Drain Flushing & Jetting

Why Galaxy Sewer & Drainage Company

It’s extremely important that you utilize the service of a well-trained, experienced and adequately-equipped drainage contractor. Galaxy Plumbing is that Vancouver drainage company. We have the training and tools to rid your drainage problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Well trained technicians
  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • 1-Year Workmanship Warranty

Equipped for Excellent Drainage Services in Vancouver

State-of-the-art equipment powers our sewer & drainage services. You will be amazed at what our Super Plumbers can do with these tools that include:

Drain Inspection Camera

  • We quickly indentify drainage issues with our 200ft Color Monitor Drain Inspection Camera. See the clog for yourself!
  • Built-in transmitters to pin point problem area. No need to dig up the whole yard!

High Pressure Drain Flushing & Jetting

  • Clear built-up grease & clogged debris without damaging your drain system.
  • Rooter cutter attachment to remove roots from drains and sewers.

Drain Snake/Auger

  • We can quickly unclog blockages from your drains with our drain snakes. With a reach of over 50 feet, we can tackle problems far into your drain systems.

Affordable, Hassle-Free Vancouver Drainage Services

Galaxy Plumbing is proud to provide the best drainage services in Vancouver, helping homeowners enjoy a peaceful life without the nuisance of sewer and drainage problems.

  • Reliable estimates
  • Detailed billing
  • No hidden costs
  • Pay at your door with Visa, MasterCard or Interac